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10 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Totally Wrong

By: Gag O On: 9:51 AM
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  • 6 Riddles That Will Make You Smile All Day

    By: Gag O On: 2:14 PM
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  • popcorn riddle joke

    Top 7 Banat Qoutes para sa mga sawing pagibig

    By: Gag O On: 8:21 AM
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  • sawi banat

    sawi banat sira ulo

    sawi banat mag asawa

    unli text and call sa lovers

    banat sa panget

    kape ng mga sawi

    laro larong pag ibig banat qoute

    "Malapit na ko ma-admit sa mental dahil nababaliw na ako sa'yo!"

    "Ang Pag-ibig parang kape.. Kapag napabayaan, nanlalamig!."

    "Akala mo love story na, toy story lang pala!"

    "Kaka-break lang, may syota na agad? Ano yun UNLI? Pag na-expired. magre-register ulit?"

    "Kapag may nagsabing pangit ka, sasapakin ko talaga. Nakita na nga, sasabihin pa!"

    Wife: Bili mo ako ng bagong bra! 
    Husband: Wag na maliit naman boobs mo eh. 
    Wife: Eh, bakit ikaw nag bi-brief?

    "Huwag mong ugaliin na maghabol sa taong hindi ka naman gusto. Ipinanganak kang tao, hindi aso!"

    Newest Game in Town PACPHOBIA - Pacman 2015. Must see video!

    By: Gag O On: 11:50 AM
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  • Top 11 Banat Love Qoutes

    By: Gag O On: 10:59 AM
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  • pinoy funny banat love qoutes about  fart utot getting hurt in a relationship jokes

    Top 5 Filipino New Year's Resolution 2015

    By: Gag O On: 6:37 PM
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  • 3 pinay funny ladies showing boobs

    Best of Floyd Mayweather Jr Memes 2014

    By: Gag O On: 4:16 PM
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  • Manny Pacquaio big heart Floyd Mayweather has a big mouth

    6 Epic Tagalog Text Fails

    By: Gag O On: 8:20 AM
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  • 9 Best One Liner Comics Tagalog Jokes

    By: Gag O On: 9:19 AM
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  • AJ Ramos & Gov Egay Tallado - Newest Members of Wrong Direction

    By: Gag O On: 1:01 PM
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  • featuring newest member of wrong direction egay tallado and aj ramos

    14 Best Banat Advice For Losers

    By: Gag O On: 10:58 PM
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  • banat advice sa mga talunan  at losers ni ai ai delas alas at boyfriend gerald sibano

    10 Best Funny Holloween Costumes 2014

    By: Gag O On: 1:01 PM
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  • napkin duguan holloween costume 2014

    Top 10 funny tagalog lines for tees

    By: Gag O On: 10:37 AM
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  • tshirt funny jokes tagalog

    7 things to do with your friend's bad breath (Banat sa may Badbreath)

    By: Gag O On: 9:39 AM
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  • banat sa may bad breath or waht to do with your friend's stinky mouth

    Are you tired of bringing an air freshener, mask to cover you nose or pamaypay everytime you are with a friend that has a bad breath?

    Everyone has atleast one close friend na super duper bad breath and every time you are with him or her napapa-mura ka sa isip mo "TENGENENGYEN!" 

    Telling friends or family members that their breath smells like shit is one of the hardest things a person has to do. Gusto mo maging honest pero hindi mo gusto maka offend. You care about your friends feelings, but the chronic issue has been for a while and it has become a threat to your health, your relationship and your friend's reputation.

    In this situation, you have to be creative. So here is our top 7 things that you can do or say to your friend's halitosis like decease or in short bad breath.

    Ask them if they know how to blow bubbles with a piece of gum then bigyan mo agad even if he or she doesn't want a gum.

    Every time they open their mouth mag spray ka ng bitanica or any mouth spray.

    Timing is everything. The right moment is when your friend is bored.
    You can say "Pare ang boring noh? Tara mag toothbrush nalang tayo!"

    Lagyan mo ng mouth wash ang drink ng friend mo habang hindi nakatingin. Spike it!

    Play water gun shooting or baril-barilan but make sure you put as much
    mouth wash as you can on your gun.

    Ask if they can catch candies in their mouth! Act as if your 
    shooting a basketball. You can use tic-tac candies or mentos.

    You can say
    "Pre, laro tayo basketball! Kunwari etong 
    candy bola at bibig mo naman yung ring."

    tell pinoy friend in tagalog that her breath stinks
    Tell them straight up their breath smells like ass.
    Like how Vice Ganda does it while covering nose.
    "Teh! Hulaan ko ang kinain mo kanina..TAE hindi ba?"

    5 Funny Tagalog Rage Jokes

    By: Gag O On: 9:12 AM
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  • tagalog rage jokes gossip wife use mouth and cell phone called textmosa

    7 Types of House Maid (Inday Jokes)

    By: Gag O On: 11:11 AM
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  • inday is a sexy pinay house maid doing laundry while on under wear

    6 Break Up Lines and Best Way to Answer in Tagalog

    By: Gag O On: 3:35 PM
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  • 9 Reasons Why Some People Are Single

    By: Gag O On: 9:23 AM
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  • 40 year old pinoy tagalog single because of being perfectionist jokes