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6 Break Up Lines and Best Way to Answer in Tagalog

By: Gag O On: 3:35 PM
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    "I just realized that I don't want to be attached."
    - Ganun ba? Staple remover gusto mo? 

    "I'm confused. I need time to find myself."
    - Eto mapa, find yourself.

    "We're too different for each other."
    - Tao ako, hayop ka!

    "I realized love ko pa ang ex ko."
    - May pumatol pala sayo bukod sa akin? 
    Akalain mo nga naman!

    "You're too immature for me."
    - Oo nga! Gurang ka eh!

    "Kung talagang tayo, kahit saan sulok ng mundo,
    magtatagpo tayo."
    - Never tayo magtatagpo, walang sulok ang mundo,
    bilog ito!! Bobo!!