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Best of Floyd Mayweather Jr Memes 2014

By: Gag O On: 4:16 PM
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  • Manny Pacquaio big heart Floyd Mayweather has a big mouth

    Everyone is just making fun of Floyd Mayweather Jr since he opted not to face Manny Pacquiao for so many years where it should have had. You don't need to be a boxer or an analyst to see how reluctant Mayweather is. You just look at him, his past interviews, his demands. You know something is wrong. Experts, ex pro fighters-boxers, analyst, we all share the same idea. Floyd is scared of Pacquiao. LOL 

    Floyd knows that the end is near, 3 more fights, I guess. He is well aware of the flack he will catch if he never faces Pac, it will follow him to his grave. He has to act like he wants the fight even if he actually doesn’t. The prime years for the fight have passed but still extremely attractive, without a doubt. Floyd rhetoric during a recent interview:”Pacquiao has been ko’d” “His PPV numbers are low…” seem to indicate that he’s already setting up an “It aint my fault” excuse if the fight doesn’t happen if Floyd’s negotiable demands are unreasonable or unacceptable or if he simply doesn’t want it. Floyd KNOWS that the fans don’t really 
    want Khan, didn’t really want Maidana, Ortiz, Guerrero… THEY WANT PACQUIAO!! 

    hmmm… Anyway, just one way of many to visualize this drama. Peace to all!

    Now lets all have fun with his memes. LOL 

    two losers of Floyd and Manny say their the biggest fighter of 2015

    referree bayless told Manny not to hurt Floyd gayweather

    broner will fight Manny instead of Floyd

    Floyd talking to much bull shit

    Floyd said to his fans to fight Manny instead of him

    Floyd is a chicken

    Floyd Mayweather jr beats women

    Floyd Mayweather jr  breaking news leaving the planet to avoid manny pacquiao

    Floyd looking to exit to avoid manny

    floyd is a ducker

     Floyd Mayweather jr  cant read says 50 cent

    Floyd Mayweather jr primadona demanding too much to avoid Pacquaio

    Pacquiao scolding Floyd Mayweather jr

     Floyd Mayweather jr  fight bums

    Floyd Mayweather jr  cant read and needs son to read comments

    Floyd Mayweather jr  is scared and dangerous manny pacquaio

    floyd struggled with cotto while pacquiao walked on cotto

    floyd is a chicken or duck

    floyd mayweather is scared of manny pacquaio

    floyd turns down 110 million cos he is scared

    flod mayweather kisses justin bieber

    gayweather his is mrs floyd

    floyd thinks floyd can do the same thing like marquez to manny

    floyd greatest victory is marquez knocking out manny

    obama orders floyd to fight manny

    floyd's health comes first

    floyd will kill pacquiao's mom at back to the future past

    floyd told his dad not to talk to the media about fighting manny pacquaio