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VIDEO: Babalu Funny Clip - Inaamuy ang ulam sabay subo ng kanin LOL

By: O-Gag Lang On: May 08, 2018
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  •  Babalu is considered as "one of the most famous and beloved comedians" in the Philippines. He is the nephew of the famous actor Panchito Alba. Dolphy, the king of Philippine Comedy, discovered Babalu's talent as a comedian. Babalu was given a featured role on the Philippines' leading comedy-variety show Buhay Artista. Everything else was history. 

    He died of liver cancer on August 27, 1998, aged 56, in his home at Antipolo City. He was buried in Loyola Memorial Park in ParaƱaque City.[2]. The film Tar-San is dedicated to his memory.

    The funny clip below is taken from the movie Si Ayala At Si Zobel 1994 Filipino Movie.